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Certified Wealth Managers' Association

What is CWMA

CWMA was established and founded in March 16, 2005 by the Bankers Club Indonesia (BCI) now is known as Ikatan Bankir Indonesia (IBI). The Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA) is a non profit, independent association whose purpose is to protect the customers’ interest and to support the wealth management profession with education, research, product development, and networking both globally and locally.


To be the most reliable organization in serving Wealth Management industry through educating and developing its members.


To support Wealth Management profession by setting up the highest quality, code of ethics and the professional excellence.


Excellence, Integrity and Strength of Community & Cooperation.

8 Ownership of Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA)

  • 1

    Organizers for Education & Training Wealth Management Certification (University and Training Institute) which appointed by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 2

    Regular Program & Executive Program : Certified Wealth Manager (CWM), Qualified Wealth Manager (QWM), Associate Wealth Manager (AWM), and Affiliate Wealth Manager (Aff. WM) is Owned and accredited by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 3

    Certification Education Program Material is owned by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 4

    Practice Quiz Material is owned by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 5

    Wealth Management Certification Education Exam Material is owned by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 6

    Teachers Council or Facilitator are appointed and designated by board of Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 7

    Committees of the Board of Examiners are appointed and designated by board of Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).

  • 8

    Retake Exam Material and Retake Exam Regulation is owned by Certified Wealth Managers’ Association (CWMA).



Chairman Catur Budi Harto, CWM Bank BNI

Vice Chairman Randi Anto, CWM Perum Jamkrindo

Vice Chairman Budi Satria, CWM Bank BTN

Secretary General Desi Armadiani, CWM MaeSa Creation Indonesia

Treasury Tommy Zhu, CWM Agrodana Futures


Chairman Darmin Nasution, CWM The Coordinating Economics Minister Rep. of Indonesia

Vice Chairman Muliaman D. Hadad, CWM Financial Service Authority (OJK)

Member Darmadi Sutanto, CWM CT Corpora  

Member A. Toni Soetirto Torres Consulting  

Member Henry Koenaifi, CWM Bank BCA  

Member Sis Apik Wijayanto Bank BRI  

Member Maikel Sajangbati, CWM MCI Group

Member Adhi Brahmantya, CWM Bank Bukopin

Member Indra C. Situmeang, CWM Sienco Aktuarindo Utama

Member Sulad Sri Hardanto, CWM Mitra Finanz Wicaksana

Member Nikita AES, CWM MaeSa Consulting

Education Department

Chairperson Gunawan Sulistyo, CWM Bank BRI

Member Dicky Rozano, CWM Bank BRI

Member M. Mahdum, CWM LPDP, Kemenkeu

Member Listiarini Dewajanti, CWM Bank BRI

Member Jimmy Nyo, CWM Kresna Securities

Organizational Development & Membership Department

Chairperson Neny Asriany, CWM Bank BNI

Member Sri R.M Sudarsari, CWM Bank BTN

Member Adrian Wagimin, CWM Bank BCA

Member Eromzi, CWM Bank BNI

Member Osbal S. Rumahorbo, CWM Bank BRI

Standard Profession & Ethic Code Department

Chairperson M. Syafri Rozi, CWM Bank BRI

Member Oemin Handajanto, CWM Insurance Practitioner

Member Tina Meilina, CWM Bank BRI

Member Henrietta Kristanto, CWM PB Taxand

Strategic Alliance Department

Chairperson Dumasi M.M. Samosir, CWM Asuransi Sinarmas

Member Fabiola Sondakh, CWM BRI Life

Member Fermiyanti, CWM Bank BJB

Member Susana S. Suhandi, CWM Bank BCA

Member Djumariah Tenteram, CWM Bank Permata

Communication Department

Chairperson Agus Noorsanto, CWM Bank BRI Agro

Member Martha Bambang, CWM World Bank

Member Primus Dorimulu, CWM Berita Satu Media Holding

Member Dini Maharani, CWM Asuransi Cigna

Member Silvia Rini Yunita, CWM Sequis Life

Research & Development Department

Chairperson Reita Farianti, CWM PT. BNI Asset Management

Member Edhi Tjahja Negara, CWM HSBC Bank

Member B. Rusdiharsono, CWM Bank Indonesia

Member Agung Prabowo, CWM Bank BNI

Member Teddy Atmadja, CWM Kresna Asset Management

Legal & Advocacy Department

Chairperson Rivan A. Purwantono, CWM Bank Bukopin  

Member Hadi Budi Yulianto, CWM DAPEN Pertamina  

Member Bambang Widjanarko Retired Banker  

Syariah Department

Chairperson Purnomo B. Soetadi, CWM Bank Muamalat

Member H. Satino, CWM Indonesia Pension Fund Association

Member Oktaviani Moersalin, CWM Bank Muamalat

Secretariat Office :
Sahid Sudirman Center 11th floor Suite A
Jl. Jend Sudirman No.86, Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia.
Ph. +6221 7331745 || Fax. +6221 73447645
Email. ||

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