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Certification Programs

T he Wealth Management Certification Program is designed and developed in accordance with the KepMenakertrans regarding SKKNI (Standard Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia) No. 100/II/KM/2007. Financial Sector, Banking Sub Sector, Wealth Management Division, and the Regional Model Competency Standard (RMCS) these are used in United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth Countries.

Wealth Management Certification Program

  • 1

    Public Class & In-house Class

  • 2

    Regular Program & Executive Program

  • 3

    Continual Professional Development (CPD) Program

  • 4

    International CWM Executive Europe Program

Professional Designation

WM01 Fundamental of Wealth Management Affiliate Wealth Manager (Aff.WM®)
WM02 Investment & Portfolio Management -
WM03 Risk Management & Insurance Associate Wealth Manager (AWM®)
WM04 Legal Aspects, Ethics & Tax Management -
WM05 Managing Pension & Estate -
WM06 Practices in Wealth Management Qualified Wealth Manager (QWM®)
WM07 International Program Certified Wealth Manager (CWM®)


Using the International Competency Standard i.e Regional Model Competency Standard (RMCS) that is used in United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia and others Commonwealth Countries.

Acknowledged among the States Member of AFTA, APEC and WTO through MRA scheme (Mutual Recognition Agreement).

The decision of the Minister of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia KEPMENAKER No.17 Year 2018 on the determination of the standard of competence of the national job category Finance and Insurance Activities the principal activities of the institution, Financial Services, Insurance and Funds Retirement areas of Wealth Management.

To attain a prestigious Professional designation as :

  • Affiliate Wealth Manager (Aff. WM®)
  • Associate Wealth Manager (AWM®)
  • Qualified Wealth Manager (QWM®)
  • Certified Wealth Manager (CWM®)

Acknowledged & fully supported by the Stakeholders :

  • Regulators (Bank Indonesia, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, Kemnaker, BNSP)
  • Users (Perbanas, Himbara, Asbanda, Perbarindo)
  • Professional Organizations (IBI, CWMA, IAPI, BARA)
  • Universities (LMFEB-UI, MMFEB-UGM, LPPI)

To posses a global networking among Financial Services Professionals, Regulator, and other associated Industries & Professions.

To increase the professional competency that can improve Career & Income.

To increase and gain the Customer's Trust.

To increase productivity and self confidence in dealing with the customer.

To increase professional and selling value in Working Industry.

To be able to compete with the other Global Financial Services Professionals.

To prepare for an Alternative Job & new source of Income during Retirement.

Secretariat Office :
Sahid Sudirman Center 11th floor Suite A
Jl. Jend Sudirman No.86, Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia.
Ph. +6221 7331745 || Fax. +6221 73447645
Email. ||

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