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Code of Ethic

8 Ethics of Wealth Manager

  • 1

    To provide services with integrity

    A Certified Wealth Manager provides service to clients with honesty for mutual benefit.

  • 2

    To be objective and transparent in providing professional services to its clients

    Objectivity and transparency regarding the benefits, risks and costs of the investments should be presented very clearly to the client before making any transaction.

  • 3

    To provide full services with expertise and full understanding of clients' needs

    Certified Wealth Manager will only provide services in areas where the party concerned has permit as well as the expertise to explain and conduct transactions on areas under their control.

  • 4

    It is not allowed to do "mis-selling" and or perform actions that defame the institution he or she represents

    Certified Wealth Manager must comply with the local laws and regulations in force and avoid mis-selling as well as maintaining good personal name, the organization where he or she works, and the institutions they represent.

  • 5

    To participate and perform with local regulations

    We must comply with the local laws and regulations in force and act in good faith while carrying out the profession.

  • 6

    To keep the confidentiality of the clients

    The confidentiality of clients needs to be maintained strictly by the Certified Wealth Manager to build respect from clients which is regulated in the Act.

  • 7

    To run the "Wealth Management" process in a right and correct way

    The process of "Wealth Management" will become a standard process in the Certified Wealth Manager service to its clients to create the best quality of Wealth Management service.

  • 8

    To resolve clients complaints quickly and accurately

    The behavior of Certified Wealth Manager in dealing with requests / complaints from clients will be one benchmark from the services of Certified Wealth Manager.



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Susana S. Suhandi, CWM



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All Participants ICWM Program 2016



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All Participants ICWM Program 2017



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All Participants ICWM Program 2018

Secretariat Office :
Sahid Sudirman Center 11th floor Suite A
Jl. Jend Sudirman No.86, Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia.
Ph. +6221 7331745 || Fax. +6221 73447645
Email. ||

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